Find Good Backlink Sources

Among other things, search engines take into consideration how many other websites are linking to yours and what kind of websites those are in determining whether your website is worthy of ranking well when searchers look for the products or services that you offer.  They want to make sure they deliver the best, most relevant results to their customers – – people searching for things using their search engine.

So, once you have created a valuable, informative, targeted and focused website, all things being equal, the website that has more relevant and trusted links to their site is the one that the search engines will rank better.  That is why a good SEO strategy includes a plan to grow your web presence and encourage and foster good backlinks to your website.

There are many ways and places to get links back to your site, and you should probably use them all to some extent, but some link sources are more valuable, as they are more trusted by the search engines.  A link from one of these types of websites, on a topic related to your website, is much more valuable than many links from unrelated websites whose integrity is uncertain, in the eyes of the search engine designers.

Here is a handy tool to help you find some of those more valuable types of sites to participate in and place links back to your site on.


Simply put in a keyword (or keyword phrase) related to your website and use the dropdowns to select the kind of site you would like to put a link on – – you can choose from a variety of parameters to find assorted blogs, forums, edu, gov and Web 2.0 sites.  When you find a site you can create a profile on or leave a comment on, just be sure to read the page and get a feel for the site so you can contribute to the conversation or community, and leave a link back to your site!

Are you wondering what the page rank is on one of the link sources you found (or on one of your own pages)?  Here’s a handy tool to do a quick check:


Check Page Rank of your Web site pages instantly:

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