Find Local Business Keywords Your Potential Customers Are Using

Keyword Suggestions Tool

Here is a handy tool to help you in planning or expanding your website and promotional campaigns.

This tool allows you to put in your starting keyword or keyword phrase and pulls in a list of keywords from the “Google Suggest” feature.  These are keywords that often will not show up in the Google keyword tool, because that tool is geared more towards finding keywords and data for Adwords paid advertising.

Google suggest is what you see when you begin typing what you are looking for in the Google search box and it tries to predict what you are going to type and offers suggestions based on what you have typed in so far.  They may not be powerhouse keywords, but they must be searched for enough for Google to think you might want to search for it too.

Try it out!  Enter a keyword phrase that describes your product or service and click “Get Results” to see what other people are more specifically searching for when searching that phrase.


How To Find Popular Location Based Keywords For Your Service Area

Watch this short video to learn how to find more keyword ideas you may have missed that are being searched for in your area, then go to the url below to give it a try!

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