Internet Marketing Adds Value To Your Other Marketing Methods

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One of my most favorite benefits  of a good internet marketing service is that it really adds value to your other marketing methods.  That might sound kind of strange, how about if I explain it by comparing two different examples.

1)      Joe the plumber is running a fairly expensive marketing campaign in the local newspaper, having his ad featured everyday.  He doesn’t have a website, so his ad suggests that people call him on the phone.

2)      Fred the plumber is also running a fairly expensive marketing campaign in the same newspaper, but he also has a website.  In the ad, he directs people to check out his website.  Now people have an additional way to easily find out more about this service.  At the website, they can see reviews left by other customers, pictures of his work, even download and print a coupon that will give them a discount off of their first service!

Do you see the difference here?  You’ve probably noticed that most commercials and ads direct people towards a website.  This is because a website is a very powerful marketing tool.  Simply having a website isn’t enough though.  An internet marketing expert can help you transform your website into a sales and direct marketing machine.

We would love to get together with you and explore how we could help you build/enhance your current website.  Not only would this create an additional stream of traffic for you from the internet, but it would help to enhance the marketing plan you already have in place.